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Meet Dr. Monique J. Williams

Alternative Wellness Practitioner | Transformative Coach | Educator

My name is Dr. Monique J. Williams, Founder and Owner of Authentic Wellness. For more than 20 years, I dedicated my career to health sciences education and research with a focus on promoting diverse inclusive health education to improve holistic health outcomes for underrepresented and underserved communities. During my career, I quickly recognized that our health was much more than physical symptoms that required a one size fits all approach. Our health and wellness is reliant on an all-inclusive network of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic systems that require an all-inclusive approach to address the root cause of imbalance in our lives.

Fifteen years ago I experienced a life shock that not only changed my physical wellness, but also greatly impacted my mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. This life shock was the loss of our son. Our son was born prematurely at only 22 weeks gestation and passed shortly after birth, but not before moving in my arms as a reminder that he represented a life with its own journey. Our lives were forever changed by this tiny body, with a short life, with great impact. The mourning our son led me to a process of deep grieving that I had never experienced before. Among the well-intended comments about being able to have more children, I knew the purpose of his life was just beginning, and that our other children did not replace his presence in my heart and soul, but rather added to the abundance of love and peace I would come to experience. The life shock of his birth was the beginning of my desire to live my life more authentically to gain a higher level of consciousness and intuition to see and hold him again.

I began researching how to heal my grief through various wellness modalities, including individual and group grief counseling, energy healing, alternative wellness, and gratitude practices. This work led me to understand that the value of holistic approaches to living a full and abundant life that represents your most authentic self. I learned to move through my fears, hesitations, and self-doubts to manifest the life I had envisioned personally – to live my authentic life to the fullest, professionally – to serve others with compassion and grace, and to fully appreciate the abundance of love and support of my loved ones.


Authentic Wellness represents my life’s passion, purpose, and commitment to provide heart-centered support to others on their journey of living their authentic lives. As a Black woman, I bring my unique personal, educational, and professional experience to cultivate a curated experience to meet my clients where they are to bring forth transformational healing in all areas of their lives.

               Education and Training


  • PhD in Health Sciences, International Health Education and Research, Trident University

  • Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, Western University of Health Sciences

  • Life Coach Certificate, Health Coach Institute

  • Health Coach Certificate, Health Coach Institute

  • Reiki Level I & II Practitioner Certification, Belief Co. 

  • Vagus Nerve Reset Training, Mindful-Leaders Project

  • The Innerlight Method – Level I Certification, Mindful-Leaders Project

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