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Stay True to Your Authentic Self

Authentic Wellness is a movement dedicated to supporting all-inclusive wellness of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. We strive to provide premium coaching, consultation, and alternative wellness services and products to assist those that seek holistic wellness while staying true to their authentic selves. Our interest in health and wellness is founded in holistic approaches that incorporates allopathic, osteopathic, and integrative alternative principles that address the needs of the body, mind, and spirit.

We are committed to serving a diverse clientele to provide a curated experience to help meet your specific individualized needs. Our services strive to help clients manage stress of their complex daily lives through awareness, clarity, accountability exercises, and self-healing practices.


We serve individuals, families, and small groups through multidimensional wellness assessments, and providing alternative healing modalities to assist in discovering their full potential to maintain physical and emotional health to live their most authentic lives and attain their desired outcomes.


Our services are provided online, by phone, or in person for those living in the Inland Empire of Southern California servicing Chino/Chino Hills, Corona, Eastvale, Fontana, Jurupa Valley, Mira Loma, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and surrounding areas.  

Benefits of Authentic Wellness Experience

  • Enhanced health and wellness on all levels

  • Emotional Balance and Mental Clarity

  • Enriched relationship with self and others

  • Improved stress and anxiety management

  • Develop coping strategies to effectively manage life changes

  • Discovery inspiration and accountability to unleash your full potential

  • Heal from past experiences while embracing your present

  • Foster a greater connection with self and your energy source

  • Gain new perspective, develop plans, and take action to create your desired outcomes

Wellness Coach

What We Specialize In

Energy Healing

Reiki and Chakra Balancing

Transformational Life, Health, and Sex Coaching

Stay True to Your Authentic Self

Client Testimonials

"My coaching experience with Mrs. Williams has been a positive and motivating opportunity. Being an individual who struggles with change and being a creature of habit, she has found a way to encourage and embrace the subtle changes I have been able to make. I have never left a session feeling 'less than' and always finish wanting more and embracing my own progress. Mrs. Williams creates and sense of empowerment and success within me each time we connect!"

-Tamara C. 

"Working with Dr. Williams has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. As a queer, Latinx woman with a disability working in academia, it can be so incredibly hard to find someone who understands the struggles that come with intersectional identities, working in spaces that aren't necessarily welcoming, and just the sheer stress of day to day life as a person who walks through the world in this way. I started my coaching sessions with Dr. Williams thinking that I knew what I wanted - more energy to devote to my small business so that I could "keep grinding" to make more money... thinking that this would be the answer to my stressors. Within a few short weeks, I had a transformed outlook on my goals and on my future. Dr. Williams helped me discover that I needed time to take care of ME first and invest in myself above all else. She helped me develop tools to check in on my mood, habits, and goals, and most importantly, she kept me accountable so that I could learn to become accountable to myself. After 12 weeks, I feel like a new person. I am so grateful for her mentorship and guidance - she showed me a path to being authentically myself so that I can reach my goals from a place of alignment and sustainability. I know that I was headed for burnout before, and I now feel that I can move forward with certainty, confidence, and clarity."

-Brianna C. 

"My Reiki session with Dr. Monique Williams is an experience I won’t soon forget. The energy healing I experienced brought confirmation, peace, and clarity for me. I felt enlightened and less stressed after just one session. During the session, she was able to tap into areas of my life that were thriving and a specific family relationship that had grown distant for no apparent reason. Because of the Reiki session, I was able to reconnect with a family member and rediscover our relationship in a more meaningful way. Thank you, Dr. Williams."

-Karlita W.

"I enjoyed my Reiki session with Dr. Williams very much.  It was an introspective, enlightening, and empowering experience.  I highly recommend it for individuals who need to restore balance in their lives such as I do."

-Norman W.  

"My Reiki and Chakra Balancing experience was more than I expected even after reading the consent form which provided a descriptive explanation. It was relaxing and truly enlightening. The environment was inviting and pleasant with calming fragrances. Before starting the session, the Practitioner Monique asked if I had any questions, preferences or concerns.  The results from my session were defined following each Chakra and thoroughly expressed with proper confirmations and a revelation. She also shared a method that explained a certain outcome and I was comforted when emotionally needed.  In addition to the session, I was given tools to apply to my daily regimens that would serve me best and how to be more intentional about evolving. I left fulfilled, strengthened, reassured, and educated.  Thanks A Million!"

-Alice D.  

"Authentic Wellness has so much to offer. I have had several coaching sessions with Dr. Williams, as I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and she was always very insightful and encouraging. She also introduced me to Reiki which was a powerful experience. I would highly recommend her services."

-Susie H.

"My first Reiki experience was a formidable one! Dr. Williams escorted me down a path of subconscious reality allowing me to deal with things in my life that have stifled my personal growth. I am truly grateful for this experience and I would recommend this to everyone. It is truly life changing!"

-Felicia T.

"I must say that from the very first moments of my session with Monique she opened and held such an amazing space for me.  I felt warm, welcomed and safe. The issues I was dealing with were heavy and pent up, but I felt comfortable moving through them with the assistance of Monique.  The reading we had after confirmed a lot about what I have been feeling internally and unable to articulate. The experience was needed and will definitely be repeated!"

-Jacqualine M. 

"Dr. Monique Williams is heaven sent. I started my journey seeking to achieve balance in various life areas I felt were off centered. However, Dr. Williams’ guidance, wisdom, and coaching not only fostered an opportunity to begin that process, it was also everything else I didn’t know I needed. Dr. Williams was the catalyst to my journey to prioritizing self-care, setting healthy boundaries, and overall improvement of my mental and physical health and wellness. She helped me to see that while I was working to take care of everyone else, I was neglecting myself. She helped me to realize that taking care of me is not selfish and empowers me to better take care of others without the burn out. Some of the pivotal moments for me during this process was the “Woundology” exercise, identifying my triggers and the emotions surrounding them when triggered, and the “Wheel of Life Assessment” to discover areas of my life needing to be nourished. She gently challenged me to face things I buried so that I could begin my healing process. Through the coaching sessions and activities, I learned so much about myself over the 12 weeks we were together, but most importantly, with Dr. Williams’ guidance, I developed tools and found ways to be comfortable being my authentic self. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Williams and Authentic Wellness. Thank you, Dr. Williams for your compassion, integrity, and encouragement. You truly are heaven sent."

-Karlita W.

"My first time doing Reiki was a relaxing and enlightening experience. Went in with an open mind—I’m so glad I did it."

-Camille C.

"Dr. Williams truly understands all of the pieces of holistic healing. During our time together, we met over the phone, in-person, and stayed connected electronically. We covered everything from my mental health to my physical and financial health, and she incorporated modalities such as Reiki healing (both in-person and distance Reiki) that I had not experienced before. I was struck by how much the Reiki sessions aligned with the areas of life in which I felt like I was stuck. For example, my root chakra (sense of security, stability, etc.) was blocked during our first Reiki session, and this corresponded to deep emotional wounds from childhood that I didn't think that I would ever be able to heal. Dr. Williams provided me with so many resources to support healing in this area. During our distance Reiki session (which was done between sessions), she identified that my throat and heart chakras needed attention. Later that week, I had some major breakthroughs in therapy and in my personal relationships that helped me feel more embodied and authentic to myself. I am so grateful for the changes I have experienced in just a few months working with Dr. Williams!"

-Brianna C

"I had the pleasure of spending time with Dr. Monique Williams of Authentic Wellness and all I can say is “WOWZERS”! I knew a little about healing techniques via Reiki and the alignment of chakras but was apprehensive on going to just anyone. Once I developed a rapport with Dr. Williams, I was sold. My first session was mind blowing, she saw the blockages in my body and gently tapped in. Once I surrendered, there were tears of joy, sadness, peace and tranquility. I felt safe and free to share childhood trauma, to release pain and guilt, and trusted I was ready to be renewed in mind and body. I recall her unblocking my throat chakra - months later I was asked to speak at an event. Public speaking is not something I do, but I trusted and said yes to the event and it was an absolute success. IYKYK!! I know this is because of the work I did with Dr. Williams.  During our session, she was patient, intentional and was ready to stand in the gap where she saw fit. Healing for me will now be a lifestyle change, I will incorporate it into my life as often as I can and Dr. Williams at Authentic Wellness will always be my go to. My life has definitely changed for the better and I cannot thank Dr. Williams enough for taking me on as a client. Be peace and be the light." 

-Taunya T.  

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